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Profile for filter basket in the paper industry

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Profiles for filter baskets in the paper industry

TDV Profile manufactures profiles for filter baskets in the paper industry. These stainless steel profiles make it possible to manufacture precise, robust and cost-effective filter baskets.

The paper industry or the pulp industry ?

The terms “paper industry” or “pulp industry” refer to companies that manufacture paper pulp. Paper pulp is obtained from wood or recycled cardboard and paper.

The paper pulp industry thus produces more than 6100 kilos of paper pulp worldwide every second! World production of paper pulp thus totals 193 million tonnes per year.

Request for quotation laminate or profile to measure

Do you have a specific need for custom-made laminations or profiles? Do not hesitate to contact TDV Profile, we will meet your needs with rigour and professionalism.

What are filter basket profiles used for in the paper industry ?

Thanks to the paper industries, we can still color blank pages. It is a source of pride for TDV Profile to see its profiles for filtration baskets being used in the transformation of wood or recycled paper/cardboard into paper!

The process of making paper pulp begins with the selection of wood or a good sorting of paper and cardboard. He continues by mixing the papers or wood fiber with water. This mixture is crushed in a machine called the “pulper”. A liquid and coarse pulp is then obtained.

This paper pulp will then pass through filter baskets. Today, a filter basket can have more than 500 parts, especially in profile for filter basket. This shows the complexity of the technology used to filter the paper pulp.

It should be noted that TDV Profile is one of the few companies in the world to produce profiles for filter baskets in the paper industry with asymmetrical shape with exceptional details on the geometry, and demanding tolerances (+0.015 mm on the width) . As mentioned, these profiles are ideal in the paper industry for pulp filtration.

Filter basket profiles in the paper industry from TDV Profile

TDV Profile specializes in the manufacture of profiles used to manufacture paper pulp filtration baskets. It has also started its activities with the first producers of filter baskets for paper pulp.

TDV Profile is equipped with an online profile geometry control laser to control the accuracy of its products.

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