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Industrial and medical equipment

Industrial and medical equipment

Furniture manufacturers, integrators, manufacturers of special machines, equipment manufacturers, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, sheet metal works.

We design custom-made products in 304L/316L stainless steel for multiple sectors. Thus, our products count in areas such as the manufacture and distribution of meals or stainless steel positioning baskets. In addition to these, there are also wire elements intended to be integrated, such as stirrups and poultry hooks for the mechanization of factories, the packaging and storage of parts, and stainless steel medical baskets. Of course, we are also present with stainless steel wire elements intended to be integrated.

We are organized to obtain complete control of the processes and thus ensure the highest level of quality. The design in pins without asperity, in mesh, the stainless steel wires promote washing and the circulation of sterilizing agent. Our surface treatments ensure the quality of a ready-to-use finished product and thus meet the most stringent requirements. Products delivered in a pickled/passivated or electropolished finish.

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