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Forming and welding of stainless steel wire

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Forming and welding of stainless steel wire.

As an architect and creator of pure lines of stainless steel profiles, TDV Profile decided at the end of 2008 to complete its offer. To this end, it has created a new business line dedicated to the forming and welding of stainless steel wires, tubes and flat irons.

We aim to be the most successful in our sectors, while being socially and environmentally responsible. The factory, completely renovated, on a built surface of 10 000 m², allows TDV Profile to be an industrial player at the service of its customers:

  • by making our engineering capacity available to them;
  • by developing solutions that guarantee a process and manufacturing adapted to their needs.

TDV imagines your solutions for forming and welding stainless steel wire

Welding of wires, tubes and flat bars

Each activity has its problem. Entrust us with your projects, we will bring you our ideas and suggestions.

Our ambition is to develop innovative and customised solutions. Their implementation will guarantee the best economic result without deviating from the quality requirements.

Our team of professionals, experts in various trades, will be proud to provide you with the personalised service in the forming and welding of stainless steel wire that you need.

From design to finished product…

From the stainless steel raw material to the surface treatment, we are organised to obtain the highest level of quality. This gives us complete control over our processes for forming and welding stainless steel wire.

The materials we work with range from 304 – 304 L stainless steel to 316 L stainless steel for the most demanding applications. The stainless steel wires come from the Cogne steelworks, from our group in Italy, drawn and shaped by TDV Profile.

A design office for the forming and welding of stainless steel wire

A design office dedicated to the forming and welding of stainless steel wire is available to our customers. It combines human skills with the best of computer technology. He has extensive experience in forming and welding stainless steel wire. That’s why it designs and produces the solution best suited to your needs.

3D plans (CAD – DAO) on paper or computer will be proposed to you and validated by you. We thus meet your technical needs in terms of performance, use, ergonomics and functionality.

Forming and welding

Through the judicious use of manufacturing techniques, TDV Profile meets the needs of small, medium and large series. To do this, it has a workshop dedicated exclusively to stainless steel work. In addition, we are equipped with high-performance machinery for all stages of the manufacturing process.

The combination of digital means and precise gestures ensures an efficient and high quality work. A work that meets the expectations of mechanical precision of the current market.

Areas of application for stainless steel wire forming and welding

A wide variety of applications justify the use of stainless steel wire, tube and flat materials. Thanks to a new and creative approach, TDV Profile develops innovative solutions with the utmost respect for the rules of the art.

Cheese factories, food industries and processes, sterilisation, laboratories and medical environments, mechanical and other industries, etc., all have needs in terms of forming and welding of stainless steel wire.

Are you managing your project alone or are you supported by an integrator? In both cases we will accompany you through the investment process to offer you the right product.

TDV Profile‘s stainless steel wire forming and welding business will meet your needs. Here is a non-exhaustive list of our products: simple grids, maturing racks, handling or sterilisation baskets, trolleys and rolling bases, hooks and balancelles, various supports, conveying or positioning elements.

Traceability, quality and ecoresponsibility

Our quality charter is customer satisfaction

We ensure full traceability of the materials used in each of our stainless steel wire forming and welding operations. These come from suppliers that we have selected according to very precise criteria. For example, according to standards, mechanical properties, origins of the metal cast, etc., in order to guarantee compliance with our commitments.

TDV Profile is ISO 9001 version 2015 certified. We have put in place all the provisions to ensure our customers an immediate and problem-free use of our products.

All our products are subject to technical validation before they can be delivered and we are committed to providing you with total quality.

“Made in TDV Profile”—That’s it !

Forming and welding of stainless steel wire in cheese factories

Cheese factory

Manufacture of stainless steel racks for cheese dairy

Moulding, brining, storage and refining of cheeses

Forming and welding of stainless steel wire in the food industry

Food industries

Food processing, ready meals, canneries, charcuterie, fish, bakeries and pastries.
Forming and welding of stainless steel wire in industrial and medical equipment

Industrial and medical equipment

Furniture manufacturers, integrators, manufacturers of special machines, equipment manufacturers, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, sheet metal works.

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Stainless steel forming and welding at TDV Profile


Food sector: Cheese dairies, Charcuterie-cured meats, Caterers, Bakeries, Pastries, Fishmongers… Medical sector: Hospital equipment, Sterilization, Pharmaceutical laboratories. Industrial sector: Automotive industries, Mechanization of factories. All specific needs for mechanically-welded stainless steel assemblies.


Our ambition is to develop and study innovative and personalized solutions whose implementation will guarantee you the best economic result without departing from quality requirements. All our products are market standard.


TDV Profile has invested heavily in one of the most modern machine parks in Europe in the stainless steel wire forming and welding sector, as well as in the latest technology surface treatment baths in order to meet the needs of small, medium and large production runs, with the best quality/price ratio.


Located in the heart of the French Vosges mountains, TDV Profile is ecologically responsible and invests in the latest technologies for environmental protection. All of the process water is reprocessed by a vacuum evaporator installation.

Request for quote stainless steel forming and welding

Do you have a specific need for stainless steel forming and welding? Do not hesitate to contact TDV Profile, we will meet your needs with rigour and professionalism.

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