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Stainless steel industrial equipment

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Stainless steel industrial equipment

Our industrial equipment is made of stainless steel. Inox is a stainless steel, in fact an alloy based on iron, carbon and chromium. The presence of chromium causes the formation of a protective layer of chromium oxide. This layer gives it its essential characteristic of being stainless. It is also corrosion resistant and therefore does not rust.

Other elements can be added to the stainless steel alloy to improve the mechanical properties, the ductility (ability to deform without breaking) or its stability at different temperatures. This is to manufacture the stainless steel industrial equipment best suited to your needs.

At TDV Profile, we design custom-made stainless steel industrial equipment. In particular in 304L or 316L stainless steel, materials suitable for industrial equipment.

The design in pins, without roughness, in mesh and stainless steel wires of our industrial stainless steel equipment thus promotes washing, the circulation of sterilizing agent and offers perfect resistance to canning. Our surface treatments ensure a quality finished product. It will be ready to use and will meet the most stringent requirements.

Request for quote stainless steel forming and welding

Do you have a specific need for stainless steel forming and welding? Do not hesitate to contact TDV Profile, we will meet your needs with rigour and professionalism.

Stainless steel equipment for the food industry

TDV Profile customers in the food manufacturing and distribution sector use our industrial stainless steel equipment. For example, our stainless steel baskets, our stainless steel trays, our stainless steel racks, our stainless steel grids. Let’s not forget our cages and their accessories such as bases, stainless steel trolleys or stainless steel modules.

Our industrial stainless steel equipment is used for cooking, sterilizing, freezing, drying, storing or packaging food. All our industrial stainless steel equipment is delivered with a pickled/passivated or electro-polished finish.

Stainless steel equipment for industry in general

When it comes to industrial or medical stainless steel equipment, TDV Profile is also a first-class partner. We know how to respond to all requests. The choice of steel, shapes, working methods is made according to the specifications of the customers. Industrial stainless steel equipment made from TDV Profile stainless steel profiles easily withstand the most severe conditions of use.

Stainless steel industrial equipment for the medical field

Whether for industrial equipment in finished stainless steel or wires to be integrated, our different grades of stainless steel lend themselves very well to medical use. Indeed, they are resistant to pasteurization or sterilization processes. For example, our stainless steel baskets are used inside eutectic solutions. Our customers particularly appreciate:

  • the chemical and mechanical characteristics of our yarns, which exceed market standards;
  • our environmentally friendly surface treatment facilities with no influent discharges;
  • that each stainless steel product is subject to geometric, functional and visual validation;
  • the food certificate that accompanies each of our products.

A team dedicated to the creation of your stainless steel industrial equipment

The sales department, the design office, our shaping and welding workshops and the quality department thus manufacture stainless steel products. As mentioned above, TDV Profile manufactures stainless steel positioning baskets, packaging baskets and stainless steel parts storage baskets that “stick” to the needs of our customers.

We are organized to obtain complete control of our processes and thus ensure the highest level of quality. Our ambition is to develop and study innovative and personalized solutions. Their implementation will guarantee you stainless steel industrial equipment with the best economic result without derogating from quality requirements.

TDV Profile is distinguished by its integrated manufacturing process from the group’s steelworks to the transformation into stainless steel industrial equipment.

TDV Profile has invested heavily in a machine park, probably one of the most modern in the sector. It has also invested in two state-of-the-art surface treatment lines. This is to respond to medium and large production runs, with the best quality/price ratio.

TDV Profile works in total confidence with its customers located all over the world.

Our quality system, certified ISO 9001: 2015, guarantees our customers an organization authorized to meet the most demanding specifications, in all areas. This demand for quality, both in the field of rolling and in that of welding, allows us to maintain the flexibility and responsiveness that are ours, in order to jointly develop the markets of tomorrow.



Transparency and technical expertise

We provide our customers with our quality plans, our processes, inspection reports, material certificates, chemical and mechanical test reports… proof of our total transparency and our real technical expertise.

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