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Wire profiles in the spring industry

All the profiled wires manufactured by TDV Profile respond to a specific request. They are used to manufacture springs with profiled wires with a maximum cross-section of 45 mm². A large part of our profiled wires in the spring industry, due to their very specific shapes, are produced on drawing. The smallest part of the profiled wires in the most common shapes, called laminates, are available on request.


TDV Profile manufactures:

profiled wire in the spring industry with round or rectangular profiles

The profiled wires in the spring industry, because of their very specific shapes, are the subject of an elaboration on plan, the others of more common shape and called “rolled”, can be classified in families:

  • dishes with round edges
  • rectangular flat profiles:
    • with rounded corners,
    • or at sharp angles
  • the squares:
    • with rounded corners,
    • or at sharp angles
  • hexagons, half-rounds, half-rings

The most frequent applications of these products include automotive equipment, springs, stamped and stamped parts, formed parts, connectors, etc.

These rolled sections are designed for sophisticated engineering. They are thus found in high performance applications such as the manufacture of springs.

Profiled wires for making torsion springs

Torsion springs (or leg springs) are stores of mechanical energy. Thus, a torsion spring absorbs a torque when it is moved on an angular plane or in rotation. It returns it in the form of energy when the spring is released.

Profiled wires for making compression springs

Compression springs increase resistance to axial pressure. A compression spring can therefore serve as a vibration damper, pure energy accumulator, shock absorber or force generator.

A little pro tip: A compression spring should never be used as a physical stopper. Used at 30% of its capacity, its lifespan increases.

Request for quotation laminate or profile to measure

Do you have a specific need for custom-made laminations or profiles? Do not hesitate to contact TDV Profile, we will meet your needs with rigour and professionalism.

Profiled wires for making tension springs

A tension spring is the opposite of a compression spring. It is characterized by its strength and its hooking system. Extension springs (or tension springs) are made with different shapes at the ends (English rings, German rings, screw caps, etc.)

Profiled wires to manufacture spiral or helical springs

Spiral springs are very present in the watchmaking sectors. Coil springs, on the other hand, are used in drive mechanisms, as measurement value sensors or vibration transmitters. Many other applications are possible. For example, in the automotive industry, they are found in seat belt mechanisms, window regulators and even locks. They are also found in machine building as well as in mechanical engineering devices.

TDV Profile is today recognized as a leading producer of profiled wire in the spring industry. We specialize in stainless steel and nickel alloy grades for spring profile wires. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to produce profiled wire for the production of precision and standard springs.

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