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Petrochemical filter media profile

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Petrochemical industry filter media profile

TDV Profile manufactures profiled wire for filter media, in other words, the profiled stainless steel wire needed to manufacture filter media for the petrochemical industry.

Profile for filter media for petroleum refining

TDV Profile has many clients in the refiner service sectors. For example, our customers help refiners optimize oil refining. Indeed, refiners are constantly looking to increase production capacity, reduce costs and generate profits. To achieve this goal, refiners call on our customers to design filtering, classification and screening media for them. This is how it is now possible to exploit oil wells with very specific characteristics. It would have been impossible to exploit them a few years ago.

To these customers, we supply profiles for filter media made of material with chemical and mechanical properties that fully complies with the most stringent requirements.

Request for quotation laminate or profile to measure

Do you have a specific need for custom-made laminations or profiles? Do not hesitate to contact TDV Profile, we will meet your needs with rigour and professionalism.

Profile for filter media in the petrochemical industry

Our profiles are used in the production of paints, resins, inks, dyes, medicines, chemicals and petrochemicals.

We manufacture as follows:

  • filter media profiles for many shapes of flat screens;
  • filter media profiles for cylindrical screens;
  • profiles for filter media for support grid;
  • filter media profiles for outlet manifolds;
  • des profilés pour média filtrant pour des collecteurs de sortie ;
  • profiles for filter media for pressure vessels;
  • profiles for filter media for pressure vessels;
  • profiles for filter media for reactor housing;
  • etc.


Our ability to create profiles with precise shapes and uniform roundness makes us one of the most recognized world leaders.

The specialist in the manufacture of profiles for filter media in the petrochemical industry.

TDV Profile is the world specialist in the manufacture of profiles for filter media. We are in fact able to manufacture very small triangular profiles with a minimum section of up to 0.34 mm² and a minimum width of up to 0.45 mm. We are therefore a supplier of quality profiles, able to provide the material whose chemical and mechanical properties correspond perfectly to the needs of our customers..

This is why we regularly supply filter media manufacturers around the world with high performance nickel alloys as well as specialist stainless steels. It should be noted that our membership of the NOVAMETAL group allows us total control of the supply chain and, of course, cost control and complete traceability of materials in addition to a proven quality experience.

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