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Mining filter media profile

TDV Profile manufactures profile for filter media in mining, i.e. stainless steel wire used in the manufacture of filter media (screens, sieves, filters) in the mining industry

What is the use of filter media profiles in mining?

The mining industry provides the world with minerals, rare earths, salts and metal. Mines are found all over the world. From extraction to the desired raw material, the process involves many steps. Indeed, the mining environment requires equipment that is not only robust, durable, reliable, but above all efficient. This is why it uses a large number of techniques to extract the raw materials from the ground. To process aggregates, often with highly abrasive materials, mine operators use screens, sieves, filters, centrifuge baskets, processing nozzles, etc..

Request for quotation laminate or profile to measure

Do you have a specific need for custom-made laminations or profiles? Do not hesitate to contact TDV Profile, we will meet your needs with rigour and professionalism.

TDV Profile, partner of the mining industry

TDV Profile has many customers in the mining sectors, including companies involved in the screening, grading and sieving stages. Our customers regard TDV Profile as a supplier of quality filter media profiles. We are, in fact, able to provide them with the material with the exact chemical and mechanical properties they need. The technical solutions, both in terms of precision and profile production, make it possible to reduce the operating and maintenance costs of mining companies.

Filter media in mines, quarries, for aggregates and minerals, in mining

Our profiled wires offer excellent resistance to erosion linked to the passage of liquid or fine particles. They are thus found in the stages of separation of sand, gravel, granite, quartzite, limestone, coal and many other minerals. Disponibles dans a wide range of steel or alloy, our profiles are manufactured on demand according to the specifications of our customers, specifications always scrupulously respected. This is why our profiled wires are found in the best filter media for mining.

TDV Profile adapts to all requirements, even the most specific ones in mining.

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