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Industrial filtration

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Raw material for industrial filtration

The main application of our laminated profiles is in the filtration industry. Our worldwide customers in the industrial filtration market use our products as their “raw material” to produce rigid filter elements, known as “strainers” or “baskets“.

The primary purpose of these “filters“, as the name suggests, is to filter. Many materials can be filtered industrially, but for each of them, different types of rigid filter elements are used.

To ensure good filtration, these filter elements are manufactured from special profiles that meet extremely tight and precise acceptance criteria (tolerance range, standard deviation, dispersion, geometry, surface, cleanliness, etc.) specific to industrial filtration, which our experience allows us to master to the full.

Profiles for filter media in the food and beverage industry

Profile for filter media in the industrial mining sector

Profile for filter media in the petrochemical industry

Profile for water well screens

Filtration - Round filter
Various profiles and applications in industrial filtration - Examples of laminates
Filtration - Detail of a filtration
The filtration process, which separates the constituents of a mixture, requires a fineness and precision of shape that allows the particles in the mixture that are larger than the holes in the filter to be retained.

High tech industrial filtration


In the field of high-tech industrial filtration, TDV Profile is the world specialist in the manufacture of very small triangular profiles with a minimum cross-section of up to 0.34 mm2 and a minimum width of up to 0.45 mm.
This finesse and precision allows the manufacture of filters (strainers, baskets, etc.) that will be used in different sectors of activity that all need to filter material or liquid industrially.

  • water, food, and agri-food, hydrocarbons, chemicals, pharmaceuticals;
  • pulp;
  • drilling: water, gas, oil;
  • extraction of ores: screening, sizing, sifting.

The materials used for this family of profiles are mainly stainless steels, alloys (alloys), duplexes and superduplexes, monel. Highly advanced materials for industrial filtration.

Request for quotation laminate or profile to measure

Do you have a specific need for custom-made laminations or profiles? Do not hesitate to contact TDV Profile, we will meet your needs with rigour and professionalism.

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