Power Industry Vent Spacer

Present, whatever the energy

TDV Profile’s laminated profiles are omnipresent in the energy sector. The word energy comes from the Greek and means “force in action”, an expression that fits quite well with our laminated profiles used as spacers.

Energies are sometimes classified according to their source. We can talk about fossil fuels – from coal or oil, for example -, nuclear energy – which comes from nuclear reactions – or renewable energies, which are naturally regenerated such as solar or wind energy.

In each of these sectors, TDV Profile is present with its rolled profiles used as a spacer.

Examples of laminated profiles

TDV is the benchmark for beam-shaped profiles (spacers), made with special non-magnetic steels.

Non-magnetic ventilation spacers

Spacers for generators, turboalternators and engines

Since its origin, TDV Profile works with the world’s leading manufacturers of generators, turbo-alternators, motors, etc., which transform these energies. We provide them with “I” shaped profiles commonly referred to as “I” profiles “ventilation spacers” (which are placed between two elements to maintain a space for air to circulate). These profiles, in specific non-magnetic materials (In the strict sense, a non-magnetic material is a material without magnetic properties, but such a material does not exist. In practice, we qualify as non-magnetic a material which is (almost) neither attracted nor repelled by a magnet), take place in the rotors (rotating part of a motor or a generator) and the stators (static part of a motor or generator).

Spacers to compensate for thermal expansion

The energy industry also uses stainless steel spacers designed to compensate for the thermal expansion of the collectors, in particular those of the rotors. They can prevent creep by acting as a reinforcement when assembling plastic/composite components.

Spacers for ball bearings

Spacers, called internal spacer and external spacer, are also used between the ball bearings of the same part. The internal spacers and the external spacers have adjusted lengths in order to limit the variations of a rigid preload, due to the thermal gradients from one point to another of the bearing.

Each type of motor or generator has its own spacers, and our strength lies in our ability to meet all demands.

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From profile to spacer

Through the use of these spacers, TDV Profile is strengthening its global position by participating in the development of wind turbines, steam turbines, hydro-electric dams and nuclear power plants.

Our long experience in manufacturing these profiles has made TDV Profile a key player in the spacer market and a valuable reference for all manufacturers.

TDV Profile works in total confidence with its customers located all over the world.

Our quality system, certified ISO 9001: 2015, guarantees our customers an organization authorized to meet the most demanding specifications, in all areas. This demand for quality, both in the field of rolling and in that of welding, allows us to maintain the flexibility and responsiveness that are ours, in order to jointly develop the markets of tomorrow.


Transparency and technical expertise

We provide our customers with our quality plans, our processes, inspection reports, material certificates, chemical and mechanical test reports… proof of our total transparency and our real technical expertise.