Food industry

TDV Profile manufactures trays, racks and baskets for autoclaves in the food industry. The quality of our stainless steels gives our products undeniable efficiency and lifespan..

Food industry

The transformation of crops, animal production from the agricultural sector and those of fishing nets into industrial food for human beings form the food industry sector.


A high degree of hygiene

The handling of large quantities of raw food materials obliges the food industry to meet hygiene standards that secure the food produced. In the various hygiene processes implemented, there are “basic” ones. Thus, choose materials such as 304L or 316L stainless steel. 304 L offers good resistance to rust in a normal environment, while 316 L also contains molybdenum which allows it to resist more aggressive, humid or salty environments.

To ensure a long shelf life for cooked foods, it is necessary to pasteurize, sterilize or cook them under vacuum. Thus, the food industry makes extensive use of industrial autoclaves. TDV Profile manufactures the baskets, trays and other stainless steel racks on which the products to be treated will be deposited during passage through the autoclave.

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Do you have a specific need for rolled profiles to manufacture filters? Do not hesitate to contact TDV Profile, we will meet your needs with rigour and professionalism.

Present in all sectors of the food industry

Our products are found in almost all sectors of the food industry: food processing, prepared meals, canneries, charcuterie, fish, bakeries, slaughterhouses, etc.

Our products are designed for cooking, sterilizing, freezing, drying, storing and packaging food They are made only from 304L or 316L stainless steel wires and profiles. This choice allows them to meet the health needs of the sector.

All types of stainless steel wire products

TDV Profile manufactures stainless steel baskets, stainless steel trays (stainless steel sheet), stainless steel racks, stainless steel grids and their accessories (bases, trolleys, modules, etc.) in stainless steel. These fabrications are made to measure, to adapt to manual or mechanized installations. All of our products meet 100% of our customers’ specifications.

An indisputable quality

All our stainless steel products are 100% French designed and manufactured.
They are manufactured in a factory dedicated solely to working with stainless steel to avoid any contamination of the materials.
The chemical and mechanical characteristics of the yarns are superior to market standards.
The stainless steel wires come from the Cogne steelworks, from our group in Italy, drawn and shaped by TDV.
Our surface treatment facilities are environmentally friendly and do not cause any effluent discharge.
Each product is subject to geometric, functional and visual validation.
A food certificate accompanies each of our products.

TDV Profile works in total confidence with its customers located all over the world.

Our quality system, certified ISO 9001: 2015, guarantees our customers an organization authorized to meet the most demanding specifications, in all areas. This demand for quality, both in the field of rolling and in that of welding, allows us to maintain the flexibility and responsiveness that are ours, in order to jointly develop the markets of tomorrow.


Transparency and technical expertise

We provide our customers with our quality plans, our processes, inspection reports, material certificates, chemical and mechanical test reports… proof of our total transparency and our real technical expertise.